About Us
Our Mission:

To unite the skills and experiences of established IT professionals with beginners and career-transitioners.

Who We Are:

Hello World is a Non-Profit established in the State of Tennessee.
We are a group of talented individuals who have created a community to help foster growth in the Technology space.

Our Team

Jon Bowker

Jon Bowker
Is the Chief Information Security Officer for Ncontracts and leads the Corporate IT, Production Operations, and Information Security teams. He transitioned into technology in his 20s and has been in the technology field for over 17 years. As a non-traditional student, Jon has accumulated over 25 certification and two degrees and decided to use his free time, during the pandemic, to give back by teaching and providing guidance to career transitioners.

Nickolas Strong

Nick currently works as a Cloud Security Automation Administrator for risk management company, Ncontracts. At the onset of the pandemic, in 2020, Nick decided to make a career transition from professional truck driving to cybersecurity. Nick enjoys sharing his passion for tech and helping career-transitioners to find success as he has. Because of this passion, Nick works alongside the team to help give back to the community that he loves very much.

Aaron Martin

Aaron serves as a Security Architect for Highwire Networks. Aaron's experiences range from development to devops to security. He's nowl eading a team that combines all of that. Aaron found himself with an internship that led to his current career. After dropping out of college, he later returned to complete his Software Development degree. Because he was fortunate enough to have someone take that chance on him, he wants to create an environment to help others get their first chance.


Will currently works as a Tier 1 Technician for a MSP, DMI . Because of the Pandemic, Will decided to make a career transition from Executive Protection to Cyber Security by taking the Cyber Security Boot Camp from Vanderbilt. Will is passionate about teaching people the joys of OSINT and is aspiring to become a physical pen tester.

Kevin Nowlin

Kevin Nowlin
Has over 20 years of experience in Tech Marketing and Leadership Education. Just before the Pandemic made everyone rethink their lives, Kevin was dabbling as a career-transitioner in welding, residential renovation, and teaching. After randomly listening to a Darknet Diaries podcast one afternoon in early 2020, he developed a deep desire to predicate the second half of his career on Information Technology. Kevin loves learning and discussing new ideas with this community.

Our Focus